The creator of the website QUIET PIMA COUNTY in Tucson, Arizona, has achieved awesome success in having her complaint against a neighbour’s three perennially barking dogs upheld. A penalty of US$9,800 was imposed on a particularly nasty and defiant owner for 49 days defiance at US$200 per day. The matter had dragged on for 26 months and caused Mrs Catherine Sienko extended suffering so damaging to her health that she had to quit her teaching job. WARNING  about BARKING COMPLAINTS Any aggrieved citizen may notify his council of a local barking problem whereupon a decent caring council will probably try to help resolve the problem informally. However to actually compel a council to investigate his barking complaint the aggrieved citizen is required to supply details in writing and to pay between $10 and $65 according to the particular council. The council’s investigation may find the alleged offences confirmed, but if its enquiries indicate that the complaint had no substance then the council may retain the fee in full and not return it as is usual. There is evidence that a few councils are refusing to investigate formal complaints properly and then using the pretext of “no substance” to retain the Barking Complaint Fee in full.