Signing an unofficial Petition - such as any or all of the three Petitions presented below - is just one method whereby the ordinary citizen, who otherwise feels himself insignificant and helpless, can show his general approval for a particular concept. The main reason for neighbourhood barking is the dog’s distress at being left alone, such as when its owner goes out or to work. Isolation from company, human or animal, is torture to a dog. “Leaving a Dog Unattended” should be made an offence More and more distressed victims of barking are wondering where they can go to escape the din that is destroying their lives. Separate communities where dogs are entirely banned is one solution. With the enormous and growing distress caused by humanity’s obsession with keeping dogs cruelly incarcerated in backyards for purely selfish purposes, some people eventually realise that the only absolute solution is a complete ban on suburban dogs. To indicate your support for any Petition outlined below, please click the tab beneath it Clicking any tab above will open that particular Petition. Before you sign your details you might like to look who else has signed before you. To access these names, click on “Signature list” at the foot of each opening page. While you are there, hover your mouse over the word “View” and this will show you the comments left by other signatories. Please leave your own comments as you feel inclined.