Metro Tasmania, the state’s bus service, has invited Quiet Tasmania’s comments on the adverse effects of the noise in its buses occasioned by some drivers’ broadcasting over the bus public address system of Hobart’s FM commercial radio stations. Some passengers find this invasion of their Right to Quiet is so objectionable that they feel motivated to complain directly to the driver when they can’t stand it any more. The advertising content of commercial radio is NOT what they want to hear while travelling, and some find the general moronic content of commercial radio insufferable at the best of times while others simply can’t bear it at all. It seems some bus drivers switch the public address system on simply to alleviate boredom, and that the bus drivers’ union would probably support their self-perceived narcissistic right to do this. The travelling public however, uses buses for personal transportation - NOT for the dumping into their ears of objectionable dins from driver-choice “music” and other trash from Hobart’s FM radio stations. If the union feels that passengers should be subjected to noise assaults like this then it can have no objection if passengers broadcast their own dins from their own portable audio equipment and fill the bus with unwanted noise. What effect would invasive noise that disturbs driver concentration have on passenger safety? Entirely negative - and potentially deady, that’s what! Metro Tasmania is under new management. Quiet Tasmania is pleased that this new management is so sensitive to public opinion that this invitation has been extended when the opportunity for it was recently provided. The opportunity for comment has been accepted with gratitude and a six-page Submission has been sent in for discussion by management in the week commencing 7th September. An addendum quickly followed and so did a list of relevant weblinks to sites reporting on noise in buses. Visitors to this site who have an interest in Quiet Tasmania’s submission and its two addendums are invited to request copies by clicking the Care to comment tab below.