Ms Catherine Sienko started QUIET PIMA COUNTY in December, 2008 and in just a few months the membership of her associated Yahoo Discussion Group rocketed to 100. Tormented for two years by her neighbour’s three barking dogs, Kat sought the assistance of the Tucson legal authorities. Kat’s determined perseverance eventually paid off and the offender has been fined US$9,800 ---o0o--- Here is her story ... At the hearing I had a prepared statement ... “I am a very reasonable and very patient woman, with ”clean hands”, diagnosed hypertension, stress and anxiety due directly to Mr. Marin’s irresponsibility, malice and failure to quiet his dogs. I have been under a doctor’s care since Oct 2007 because of this. The hypertension medication’s side effects are debilitating. I experience dizziness, lightheadedness, forgetfulness, fatigue, blurred vision, a dry relentless cough, fast heartbeat, and numbness in my hands/feet. It has given me skin infections and chills. I cannot use Ibruprophen or aspirin or Tylenol while taking the hypertension medication for relief of the headaches I get from the exposure to noise from the dogs. I must be extremely careful of sun exposure. As we all know, this is extremely difficult living in Tucson,Arizona. Mr. Marin has made me a prisoner in my own home. “Mr. Marin intentionally and in defiance of a PACC court order has been harassing me, knowingly endangering my health and my family’s health, with unwanted noised-induced trauma since April of 2007. He has no remorse.  “It has interfered with every aspect of my life. I cannot enjoy or tend to my yard, I cannot have company. I am restricted with what I can do and can’t do inside my home and outside my home. I cannot open my door and windows. Rooms of my home have become unusable when the dogs are barking. I cannot sit outside. I cannot watch TV or listen to music at a normal volume. I have lost countless hours of sleep. I cannot enjoy my hobbies and my degreed profession because I am being force-fed the noise from Mr. Marin‘s intentional irresponsibility and his refusal to quiet his 3 barking dogs. “It has forced me to inform my employer that I would not be returning to teach in the fall 2007 semester. I have had to turn down requests to return for the Spring and the Fall 2008 semester. “Family celebrations and holiday celebrations have been curtailed or held at other locations to avoid Mr. Marin’s irresponsible, damaging and menacing behavior. “I have lost equity in my home because of this ongoing nuisance and I will be obligated to disclose it, if I decide to sell my home.  “Mr. Marin was given the opportunity to quiet his dogs in 7-10 days in April of 2007 when he received the 1st letter from PACC. He failed to do so. He has permitted his dogs to bark excessively since that time. Other neighbors have initiated animal noise complaints and have participated in mediation with him. He continues to maintain a nuisance. He fails to sustain consistent responsibility.  “Mr. Marin has intentionally engaged and continues to engage in an anti-social pattern of behavior. He is knowingly, intentionally and with malice attacking my rights, my health and is flagrantly disregarding society‘s boundaries, laws and moral standards. He is not remorseful. That frightens me. “He has brought his mother into all of this and like her son, her actions are just as reprehensible.  “He purposely twists the truth or makes up “his” truths to suit his own agenda. He leaves those poor dogs alone for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Those dogs cry out for hours on end for human interaction.  “Michelle Moore, an enforcement support specialist with Pima Animal Care stated in the AZSTAR newspaper in January of this year  ‘You cannot just slap a collar on them and expect it to work by itself, You need to work with them. It's like teaching children.’  “Mr. Marin stated in a KVOA interview   “"At this point, I'm not really willing to do much more until I'm mandated by the court.”  “He has been. On April 30, 2008 this court issued an order of abatement. He intentionally snubs his nose at it.   “I ask the court to find Mr. Marin responsible. Fine him for violating  the abatement. Treat EVERY (all 74) violations as separate offenses. Issue another order of abatement. Issue an injunction preventing him from permitting his dogs to bark. Include a provision with the order of abatement and injunction ordering Mr. Marin (that he, himself) is to be physically present to attend to his dogs when they are outside.  “We must stop and prevent the irreparable damage and injury that is being maliciously inflicted upon me, my family, and my community.”