The right of the workforce to rest and recuperation after a day's duties supporting society and its families should be regarded as absolutely sacrosanct.   An uncontrolled plague of suburban dogs has largely demolished this right, and society suffers in all sorts of ways from sleep deprivation and its sometimes terrible consequences.   Barking and all other unwanted and avoidable noise should be legally processed as assaults on the person, but this is not done because the overall problem is now way out of control and the so-called enforcement authorities have retreated into a large cave called Denial, and they won't come out.   Additionally, many in authority are culprits and lawbreakers themselves.   This denial of duty leaves many tormented noise and barking victims to find their own remedy howsoever they can.   Suburban pets for some makes neighbourhood pests for others.   Peaceful living is impossible when so many owners' selfish, uncaring, irresponsible behaviour destroys neighbourhood peace such that more and more victims, finding their council and the police utterly useless, are compelled to relocate.   Western society has increasingly proven that it cannot handle dog ownership in built-up areas, and consequently that mightily abused privilege should be denied it altogether.   Then there will be peace and order and safety from dog attacks. It's the only way.