Queensland’s Woodridge council refuses to control ongoing dog problems in its area This page offers the activist comments of Miss Grazina Eiser of Woodridge, near Logan City, Queensland. I have long been an anti-Noise and anti-barking activist in the Woodridge area and I am also an anti animal-cruelty activist. Additionally I’m very much against the keeping of savage dogs in our suburbs. My interest in these causes began in 2002 when I realised that the Logan City Council would not control the neighbourhood noise and barking that was tormenting my life and which still does almost every day. I am currently very concerned about the increase in savage dog attacks and annoyed by the increasing number of loose dogs roaming the streets, particularly since my daughter’s little dog was recently attacked while on a leash walking home with her. An Increase in the already large number of savage dogs has been allowed to become a serious social problem. ---o0o--- Please use the email tab below if you have any problems to discuss or some constructive ideas to offer Would you be interested in joining an online Woodridge discussion group? Just click the central tab below ..